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Preparing for Hurricane Season with a Mass Notification System

Posted by Scott Resnick on Thu, May 18, 2017

The National Weather Service says that any 50-mile stretch of the Texas coast can expect a hurricane once every six years. That means that it’s not a question of if the next hurricane is coming; it’s a question of when. If you don’t have an emergency notification system (ENS) in place, though, an emergency can turn into a catastrophe. Without proper notifications, employees may not know where to go, how to stay safe, or even that an emergency is occurring in the first place.


The best way to ensure your employees are protected when a natural disaster strikes is with a mass notification system. At its most basic, a mass notification system sends out a message – in this case, an emergency message – to your employees’ voice and email boxes at the same time and lets them check their messages from any device. This way, no matter where your employees are when the hurricane is on its way, they can receive your message.

Here, we’ll talk about how having a mass notification system in place can improve your security plan.

Your mass notification system lets you regularly communicate.

One of the most important ways to survive a natural disaster is with effective communication. A mass notification system not only lets you send out messages to your employees, but also keeps them informed as situations change.

Your mass notification system lets you send alerts to all your employees’ devices.

Certainly, you communicate with your employees using many different methods, from desk phones to email to texting. But what would happen if your emergency notification system sent a message to a device your employee did not check? It could be a disaster. That’s why a mass notification system is so effective; your employees will have already linked all their devices so they can receive the notifications no matter where they are.  

Your mass notification system lets you coordinate emergency evacuations.

In a hurricane situation, there are many unpredictable factors. For example, bridges may be closed, highways may be flooded, and buildings may require evacuations. With an emergency notification system, you can keep your employees abreast of new updates to these evacuation plans – as well as communicate with the first responders updating you about the hurricane situation.

As a business owner, your employees’ lives are in your hands in case of an emergency. To ensure their safety, contact TTI to learn more about adopting the NEC Emergency Notification System. A comprehensive, reliable, and adaptable communication system can not only improve your daily operations but also ensure the safety of your emergency plans.

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