Real Estate Phone System Case Study

The Situation

A Houston based real estate group came to TTI with three office locations in need of an upgraded phone system to seamlessly connect all locations together. They were still being charged for long distance calls and needed a solution that could keep communications between all three offices low-cost while utilizing the latest communications technology available.

The Solution

TTI developed a phone system solution that achieved a 4 digital dialing feature between all locations using the latest NEC technology available. Each location was upgraded with all new phone system equipment that included 5 year parts and labor warranty and installation. TTI also added a unified messaging software, now storing all messages in one, easy-to-use platform.

Additionally, a high-tech administration software was included so the real estate group could make their own system changes at any time.

The Result

  • Instalation of the latest NEC phone system technology and an overall savings from their previous phone system expenses.
  • Annual savings of $4,425.60 and 60 month savings of $22,128.00
  • Free unlimited domestic long distance
  • Point-to-Point office connectivity for all locations

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